Skin Care by Tracy - Testimonials
Skin Care by Tracy - Renew. Relax. Rejuvenate.
 I was gifted a facial by my mother. I had Tracy, who was absolutely amazing! I was so happy with the service I got with her. She was nice and friendly, gentle, and gave me a relaxing facial. Not only that but I was very impressed with her knowledge about what she was doing, and loved that she took the time to explain to me what she was doing and why she was doing it (without being overly chatty). She gave me answers to my questions about my skin and helped me understand what I was doing right with my skin and what I could do better. She was so wonderful, if you go to Pristine, I recommend her whole-heartedly!!
"Tracy is the best! I had a microdermabrassion facial and my skin looked and felt years younger -so much so that other people noticed. She always takes the time to assess the needs of my skin and explains what and how products will be used. I have also had several areas waxed by Tracy; she is very gentle and the results are amazing. I highly recommend seeing her for all your skin care needs and she will even give you a free consultation to get you started."
I have been seeing Tracy since I was sixteen and started to get acne. She told me it would be a temporary thing if I did what she said to do and went to see a dermatologist. She was right. within a few months My acne had cleared. Now I go and see her once a month for facials and waxing. I love going to see her! she is the best.
Sincerely Molly M. From Santa Cruz
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